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Best Homeowner Advice

Toby & Sarah

Columbiana, OH

Best Mortgage Advice?

» Investigate all of your options, and fully understand all of the possible fees that can be added by the lender. Make sure to read the "fine print". «

Dana & Vincente

Naples, FL

Best Mortgage Advice?

» Definitely talk to some people whom you trust who have been through the process somewhat recently. Also research any discounts/special offers for which you may be eligible. «

John & Lauren

Bay Village, OH

Best Mortgage Advice?

» Make sure to do the research before making a decision on a lender. Don't feel pressured into making a decision as the wrong decision can cost your family a considerable amount of money. «


Cleveland, OH

Best Mortgage Advice?

» If possible, get to know someone in the business that you can trust. Research all of the mortgage terms so you know what people are talking about and cannot take advantage of you. «

Patrick & Rachel

Avon Lake, OH

Best Mortgage Advice?

» Ask around for a good mortgage broker referral. Find a bank or a broker that you can trust to work in your best interest! I would also recommend not to buy the most expensive house that you can afford. Buy something for less than that amount because you never know what changes might come about and it will allow you to save. «

Jason & Sarah

Lakewood, OH

Best Mortgage Advice?

» Save as much money as you can for a healthy down payment. It will save you a lot of money in the long run. «


Rochester, NY

Best Mortgage Advice?

» Use someone independent who is able to search several sources, and possibly access a better rate than an individual person can. «


Portland, OR

Best Mortgage Advice?

» My best advice is that you should work hard to achieve a good credit score so you don't have to worry about it when you apply for a loan. «


Toledo, OH

Best Mortgage Advice?

» Check out as many lenders as you can, they are all different. «