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Jason, 29 & Sarah, 28

Lakewood, Ohio
80/20 Seven Year Adjustable Rate Mortgage
4.75% Interest Rate / 7.99% Home Equity Line

Why did you choose this type of mortgage?

We did not want to use savings for a down payment so to avoid PMI we chose the 80/20 loan. Since we are only planning on staying in our house for 5 yrs we chose the 7yr ARM to get the lowest rate possible.

How did you find and select your broker/lender?

Referred by our realtor.

Were you happy with your mortgage lender?

He was a bit disorganized, but we believe we got the best deal for the situation we were in at the time. We would recommend him to others - he seemed genuinely interested in getting us the best deal possible.

Who granted the loan?

Huntington Bank.

Were you happy with this lender?

We have had no interaction with them aside from sending them our payment each month.

Do you have any regrets from the mortgage shopping process?

We wish we were more patient to save a good amount of money for a down payment, but we were way too excited to own our first home!

Best Mortgage Advice...

Save as much money as you can for a healthy down payment. It will save you a lot of money in the long run.

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