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John, 30 & Lauren, 26

Bay Village, Ohio
30 year Fixed Rate Mortgage
5.75% Interest Rate

Why did you choose this type of mortgage?

To take advantage of the low rates the market was offering and to have it fixed for the life of the loan.

How did you find and select your broker/lender?

After researching various options, we chose a lender that our realtor referred us to.

Were you happy with your mortgage lender?

Overall, we were satisfied. Communication was not always the greatest, making the process more difficult then it had to be.

Who granted the loan?

Charter One Bank, which we were happy with. We were able to get a rate that we wanted and found that they were easy to work with.

Best Mortgage Advice...

Make sure to do the research before making a decision on a lender. Don't feel pressured into making a decision as the wrong decision can cost your family a considerable amount of money.

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