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Kathy, 59

Rochester, NY
30 year Fixed Rate Mortgage
5.99% Interest Rate

Why did you choose this type of mortgage?

I did not want a variable rate, and it is flexible, so if I wanted to pay more, I could lessen the number of years to pay.

How did you find and select your broker/lender?

A recommendation from my realtor--actually, her real estate company had an affiliation with a mortgage brokerage firm, so it made the process seamless.

Were you happy with your mortgage lender?

Yes, she was responsive, efficient, knowledgeable... I would recommend her to others but I'm not sure she's still there!

Who granted the loan?

M & T Bank, for original loan. I refinanced some years later and worked with Bank of New York, where I remain, and do all my banking with them.

Were you happy with this lender?

Very happy with Bank of America! Applying for a mortgage was easy and the bank reps were very agreeable to work with.

Do you have any regrets regarding the mortgage process?

No... I feel my mortgage broker researched rates from several banks, and recommended the best....

Best Mortgage Advice...

Use someone independent who is able to search several sources, and possibly access a better rate than an individual person can.

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