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Kevin & Trish

Chesterfield, VA
15 year Fixed Rate Mortgage
5.76% Interest Rate

Why did you choose this type of mortgage?

We wanted to have the house paid for by our mid 50's.

How did you find and select your broker/lender?

Our first home was with Crestar (the K-mart of lenders in the early 90's.) We then switched to Chase on our next home.

Were you happy with your mortgage broker?

The terms were the best at the time, no hassles.

Would you recommend your broker to others?

Chase worked well for us. I think each individual has to decide if it's right, based on their situation.

Who granted the loan?

It was a company move so our relocation service set us up with multiple applications.

Were you happy with this lender?

It was no frills, up front fixed 15 year loan, easy math for us.

Do you have any regrets from the mortgage shopping process?

Our only regret is not understanding the mortgage process better in our early home purchases.

Best Mortgage Advice...

Keep it simple, keep it affordable. Don't speculate. Read everything you can on the loan process, and ask friends and family about their experiences...and oh yeah...use websites like this one.

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