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Sue, 48

Orlando, FL
30 year Fixed Rate Mortgage
8% Interest Rate

Wanted security of fixed payment amount. Paying off in 7.4 years with United First Financial's Money Merge Account.

Yes, but I would set up a HELOC immediately with it so I could use the Money Merge Account to pay it off even faster.

Yes, I went through Countrywide, and they were OK but they did not lock in my rate at the time and it went up before I closed.

They were OK, but if I had it to do over I would go through Wells Fargo. I now have a relationship with Gina at Wells Fargo and she does an excellent job taking care of my customers. I can also recommend Carolyn at Washington Mutual. Both are excellent with communication and follow up.

Do not buy more house than you can afford. Know what kind of mortgage you have (30% of people do not), and be confident that you can afford the monthly paytments. Then... have a Home Equity Line of Credit set up as well at a major bank, (like Wells or WAMU) and link it to your checking account. THEN... get United First Financial\'s Money Merge Account software and use it to pay down your mortgage in 1/3 to 1/2 the time as you normally would. This program does not require you to change your budget, but will help you build wealth through home ownership much, much FASTER.

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