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Dana, 29 & Vincente, 30

Naples, FL
103% Fixed Rate Mortgage - 30 Year
7.0% Interest Rate

Why did you choose this type of mortgage?

We needed total financing because we're teachers and didn't have the cash for a down payment. There are some breaks available if you work in the public service industry.

How did you find and select your broker/lender?

A personal friend of ours was a mortgage banker.

Were you happy with your mortgage lender?

Yes, because we had a personal relationship with our mortgage banker he made sure that we were treated fairly. He also found every type of break available for us.

Would you recommend him to others?

Yes, he was great and is a fair, honest person.

Who granted the loan?

We applied with Bank of America and Homebank Mortgage. We had the loan granted from Homebank Mortgage.

Were you happy with this lender?

Yes we were happy with this lender. I enjoyed the fact that it was a smaller company and seemed more personal.

Do you have any regrets from the mortgage shopping process?

I wish we would have purchased a home sooner. I have no regrets with the mortgage shopping process.

Best Mortgage Advice...

Definitely talk to some people whom you trust who have been through the process somewhat recently. Also research any discounts/special offers for which you may be eligible.

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